WiFi & Infotainment for Trains

A project with Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland and Unwired Networks

Background situation

Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland operates the Saxony-Anhalt Diesel Network (Dieselnetz Sachsen-Anhalt, DISA) with 54 Alstom Coradia LINT trains. The network was put in operation in December of 2018 with the timetable change. The public transport authority NASA stipulated that the vehicles would be equipped with a high-performance passenger WiFi and information portal for the passengers. With the implementation of the DISA project, Abellio Deutschland GmbH wanted to create a group-wide standard for on-board networks, WiFi and information systems in the vehicles.

Solution concept

The Unwired Cloud enables Unwired Networks to provide the entire fleet with all desired functions automatically and in a quality-assured manner. To this end, a comprehensive concept derived from hardware, passenger WiFi, route information and entertainment portals and also network management was created.

Under the title A.R.I.S. (Abellio Rail Information System), a holistic solution was developed with the Unwired Cloud, which could be rolled out in standardized fashion to all group companies. All desired functions could thus be distributed to the entire fleet automatically and most importantly, in a quality-assured manner.

Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of the private railroad operator Abellio Deutschland.

“In Unwired Networks, we found a single, highly com- petent contact partner for a variety of different services, which has a profound knowledge of the railroad sector and outstanding project management skills.”

Andreas SchymuraProject Director and information systems and processes consultant at Abelliowww.abellio.de

The Unwired Cloud unites multiple components in a complete package:

Passenger WiFi

  • High-performance passenger WiFi
  • Barrier-free internet access via a login portal, without registration
  • Data volume & bandwidth per user can be controlled

Passenger information & entertainment portal

  • Real-time route information
  • Information on departures and connection
  • Retrieval of current ARD news, short stories, podcasts and e-books

Network management

  • Central monitoring and central administration of routers and access points
  • Flexible configurations in real time
  • During maintenance, substitute devices without local configuration

Failsafe network

  •  Complete mobile radio coverage through dynamic switching operations beween mobile operators
  • Combination of up to 4 LTE connections

Certified hardware

  • Hardware certified to EN50115, E-Mark, etc. such as routers, access points, cables, antennae with full Unwired Cloud integration
  • Configuration-free installation
  • Continuous automatic software and security updates for long time periods
  • Interautomation as ITCS provider


  • Virtualization of modern, container-based ap- plications for FIS systems, APC systems, etc. on unwired routers
  • Provision of management, monitoring, data interfaces (GPS) for the integration of third-party provider applications

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