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all in one solution for onboard networks

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Passenger WiFi – PIS portal – entertainment portal – network management – uplink aggregation – virtualization – certified hardware

The Wi-Fi solution for your passengers!

What we can do for you

PIS portal displays realtime itineraries and connections from ITCS systems

Entertainment portal provides access to various media content even without cellular connectivity

Cloud bases network management enables flexible interconnection of onboard devices

zero touch deployment – consistent configuration – remote maintenance – remote monitoring – flexible changes

Uplink aggregation transparently combines multiple cellular providers

reliable connection – increased bandwidth – seamless international roaming – application agnostic

Certified hardware running Unwired Cloud OS

railway certification EN50155 – automotive E-Mark certification – routers – access points – switches – antennas – 5G ready – automatic security updates

Container based onboard application virtualization for PIDS, PCS, …

less hardware – less cables – cloud managed deployment – flexible networking – monitoring api – scaleable

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