The Wi-Fi solution for your passengers!

all in one solution for onboard networks

PIS portal displays realtime itineraries and connections from ITCS systems

Entertainment portal provides access to various media content even without cellular connectivity

Cloud based network management enables flexible interconnenction of onboard devices

zero touch deployment – consistent con guration – remote maintenance – remote monitoring – exible changes

Uplink aggregation transparently combines multiple cellular providers

reliable connection – increased bandwidth – seamless international roaming – application agnostic

Certified hardware running Unwired Cloud OS

railway certi cation EN50155 – automotive E-Mark certi cation – routers – access points – switches – antennas – 5G ready – automatic security updates

Container based onboard application virtualization for PIDS, PCS, …

less hardware – less cables – cloud managed deployment – exible networking – monitoring api – scaleable

Your advantages

  • Certified hotspots with integrated LTE modem,9-36 volt dc flow for common on-board networks,external antenna connections for various antenna types, LAN connections
  • Guests Wi-Fi with their own SSID (e.g. “Free Wlan traffic operation”) and individual network profiles. Bandwidth, amount of data and usage time can be set for the guests on a location-by-site basis, e.g. with 500 MB download per day for each guest
  • Legal security – Guest Wi-Fi supports VPN technology – Unwired protects you from administrative burden scare by requests from government and rights holders and handles any necessary network locks for you
  • Internal Wlanoptionally own encrypted WLAN or LAN for employees and internal applications such as ticket machines, digital signage, etc.
  • Wlan Login Page – multilingual, location based Captive Portal with editorial system. This makes it possible to display your own and third-party content as well as to integrate social networks (e.g. Facebook). The guest is also forwarded to a predetermined URL (e.g. Your homepage)
  • Roaming – a login is sufficient and the guest stays online in all vehicles and stations
  • Management portalcentral cloud-based management and monitoring of all hotspots
  • Reports – monthly reports on data volume, user numbers, languages and optional visitor flow analysis


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