Fast WiFi in ÖBB Postbuses

A project with ÖBB-Postbus

High-performance WiFi in the bus

ÖBB Postbus GmbH is the largest bus company in Austria and it operates the majority of the intercity bus network. Since December of 2018, 250 postbuses have been equipped with fast internet access via WiFi. This represents a significant gain in convenience for all passengers as well for the IT of ÖBB Postbus.

A complete solution with all components

With its Unwired Cloud, Unwired Networks offers ÖBB Postbus a complete solution that enables vehicles to be equipped rapidly with on-board internet access. Passengers now enjoy fast passenger WiFi in the vehicle. With the Unwired Cloud, ÖBB Postbus gets additional networks for cameras, ticket vending machines, and more.

This complete package views itself as “Managed Service”, since Unwired provides all necessary components and proven know-how for implementation.

Independent rollout

The postbuses were equipped with combined LTE WiFi routers and GPS antennae, which provide the passengers with high-performance and fast passenger WiFi. Thanks to the automatic configuration function, the ÖBB Postbus garages were able to install the WiFi hardware on their own.

ÖBB-Postbus GmbH is the largest bus company in Austria. With around 2,300 buses, it carries ca. 214 million passengers in Austria to their destinations each year.

“We at Postbus are keen on using the products of Unwired. For instance, the Unwired Cloud Service enables us at Postbus to roll out high-performance WiFi in hundreds of vehicles on our own. We received competent support from the planning to the implementation phase. A highly satisfactory implementation without any complications was thus possible.”

Ewald KollerTechnical Manager at ÖBB

The Unwired Cloud can do it

All functions of the WiFi routers installed in the vehicles are controlled automatically and centrally via the Unwired Cloud. These include WiFi, local networks for convenience functions, and also the configuration and monitoring of the devices onsite.

  • Certified WiFi hotspots with integrated LTE modems
  • Passenger WiFi with personal login portal
  • Login without registration, without app
  • Management portal, central administration
  • Roaming: Passenger remains online while transferring
  • Legal security

In order to use and interact with the device, it is merely necessary to insert a SIM card. Unwired Networks makes automatic security and function updates available on a long-term basis. Comprehensive monitoring enables prompt detection of potential problems of any nature.

The on-board networks and entertainment applications are based on high-performance hardware, which receives extensive functions through the Unwired Cloud. These functions range from configuration, administration and combination of multiple mobile radio providers to local network management. For example, the operational security of the on-board network is assured by switch-overs among the mobile radio networks used or the simultaneous use of the same.

Furthermore, Unwired Networks also uses VPN technology and content filters to provide ÖBB Postbus with complete security regarding the legal or safety-related risks associated with WiFi operation and data protection. Among other things, a central reporting system provides information on use and data consumption per vehicle.

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